ALTERNATIF TEKNOLOGI PENGOLAHAN AIR UNTUK MEMENUHI KEBUTUHAN AIR BERSIH DI DAERAH PEMUKIMAN NELAYAN Studi Kasus Perencanaan Penyediaan Air Bersih di Daerah Pedesaaan Nelayan Kab. Pasir, Kalimantan Timur

Taty Hernaningsih, Satmoko Yudo


Primary water source of people in  fisherman area in Kabupaten Pasir, Kalimantan Timur for daily water need generally is from  surface water  or deep well. Surface water is affected by water tide of sea water, so that almost all the time  in a year the water quality is salty or brakish. Beside high salt concentration, deep well quality  is also worst.  This is caused by poor environmental sanitation of fisherman community.  Rainy water use as water source alternative in problem solving for limited water drinking only provide in rainy season. Other alternative, people must find from other area where is far from their house or buy water with expensive price. To solve this critical problem is required the application of suitable  water treatment technology. This water treatment  technology must produce drinking water that meet technical standard and  the technology is applicable, easy and cheap in operation and maintenance because it is hoped that community in that area can manage, operate  and maintenance.


Kata Kunci : Penduduk nelayan, penyediaan air bersih, teknologi pengolahan air bersih.

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