Arie Herlambang


The rapid growth of population in developing country causes environmental contamination by increasing significantly pollution load in  river and other water body. It needs efficient and effective strategy to overcome contamination in certain areas. Technical identification of pollution source and its influence to environmental quality is important to should be known and socialized to community. Land use to is important to get  priority  and should be  managed consistently environmentally sound, beside solid waste and domestic wastewater. Law enforcement also should be applied, especially to company or industry which significantly gives contribution to environmental degradation. Environmental restoration need fund, so government as regulator need partner  from private to overcome environmental problem. Environmentally based industries and services is needed to be developed as government counterpart, but up to now the development of them retarded caused by non competitive interest of commercial bank. Environmental fund should be collected from polluter through regulated mechanism and In the next future  environmental bank should possible manage the fund and finance environmental industry and services to overcome environmental pollution, in this case government act as regulator only.

Key words : water polution, management, water resources, strategies

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